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This is where you will find information sheets produced by association members to share their beekeeping thoughts and experiences.

These information sheets can be printed, laminated and used as apiary guides.

Copyright Note: The documents below are copyright protected.  In general, S&DBKA welcome the use of our resources in print or other media.  If you would like to use material from this site, please contact S&DBKA from the Contact Us page.


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Beekeeping Suppliers


Beekeeping Basics - A PennState College of Agricultural Sciences publication. (3.97Mb file size)

Artificial Swarming / Raising a New Queen

(33kb file size)

Getting The Most From Your Bees On The Heather

(38kb file size)

Extracting Heather Honey

(648kb file size)

Shook Swarming

(32kb file size)

Brood Disease

(452kb file size)

Wax Purification - The Andy Method (As presented by Andy Willis at the South Hants Spring Convention, Saturday 8 March 2008)

Hive Inspection Sheet - A comprehensive record sheet for recording details of hive inspections (HBA Handbook extract)

Easi-steam Wax Extractor- Instructions and guidance notes

(1.6Mb file size)

BS Nucleus Hive Plans (Original drawings by Adam Smith)
(469kb file size)

Hive Inspection Sheet - A comprehensive record sheet for recording details of multiple hive inspections (Author Andy Willis)

‘Patch Method’ for Queen rearing in small colonies (As presented by Mike Holloway, S&DBKA lecture, Tuesday 17 January 2012)

BBKA Basic Assessment and Syllabus kindly produced by members of Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association. (1.77Mb file size)

Spring Inspection notes