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It is a myth that beekeeping is for people that are ‘that old’! but bear in mind, most of the older, experienced beekeepers started keeping bees when they were young. With the current interest in ‘green’ activities and being environmentally friendly, beekeeping is having a resurgence with a lot of younger people taking up the hobby.

There are many and varied benefits to belonging to a BKA, You receive newsletters from BBKA keeping you up to date with problems and initiatives at the national/international level as well as at county and association levels. Also included in your annual subscription is insurance cover for product and personal liability should anything untoward happen and bee disease insurance. Access to advice and literature held in local libraries should you have that question that you need answering.


As a local Association we endeavour to have a meeting every month so that the members can get together and talk about their experiences or how the year is going so far. In the winter time there are lectures where speakers are invited to come and present on a topic of interest. In the summer we have 1 or 2 apiary meetings a month at either of the Association 2 apiaries or at a member’s private apiary. Instructive days are also scheduled where you could learn how to make your own skep or foundation.

The benefits of becoming a beekeeper are many, you’re helping with the ecology of the local area, pollinating plants and crops, (especially good if you grow your own!), helping a species exist in a time where left alone to their own devices they would most probably die out due to mans greed and interference.


Beekeeping also has ties to other hobbies and skills that people may have like cookery, woodwork, craft-making (mainly with beeswax) and others.

To help support you in your hobby there are local associations throughout the British Isles of which Southampton and District Beekeepers Association (S&DBKA) is but one. By joining a Beekeepers Association (BKA) you are automatically a member of the County Association they are affiliated to and to the British Bee Keepers Association (BBKA).

We are also in the process of starting a social calendar so that other members of the families who aren’t into the bees can come along and have a good time, and meet the people their partners are talking about!


For more information, please visit the Contact Us page. Click here to visit the Contact Us page.

There are also various courses available throughout Hampshire that are available for beginners in beekeeping, also lots of instructive books. Some books that are available are;


“Guide to Bees and Honey” – Ted Hooper – ISBN 1-899296-04-2

“Practical Beekeeping” – Clive de Bruyn – ISBN 1-86126-049-0

“The Biology of the Honey Bee” – Mark L Winston – ISBN 0-674-07409-2



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