Southampton and District Beekeepers Association was formed in 1941 from its predecessor the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Bee Keepers Association.

By 1946 it had 182 Members. The current membership of the Association is 55 members with a further 10 friends and 3 honorary members. The age of the members range from the teens to those of a more stately age.

Please explore our association website to discover more about Southampton and District Beekeepers Association and beekeeping in general.

Thinking of finding out a bit more about beekeeping? If you would like to Join Us and become a member or friend of the association, please consider the information within the Join Us section and contact the Membership Secretary should you require any additional information.


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****Special  Talk****


A talk by Norman Carreck who is science director of The International Bee Research Association, University of Sussex.

This will take place at 19:00 hrs on 20 October at The Longmore/Silvermore Room, The Woolston Community Centre, Church Road, Woolston SO19 9FU 

Please contact the Hon Secretary if you are attending as we would like to invite colleagues from neighbouring  associations to this special talk with this top speaker

We recommend people who wish to take up

Beekeeping  attend a beginners course first.


There is a course available at Thornden School

Eastleigh apply at the course is Beekeeping for beginners, course number G333B and runs for 7 weeks from 1 February 2017 19:00hrs to 21:00 hrs book early as places go quickly.